Training Plans

We provide training & fitness plans to suit you, based on your current level of fitness and your goals. For different levels of commitment, please browse our plans below to see which suits your needs.


On this page you can tap into free generic training plans from 5k-marathon distance. You can follow these plans free of charge with the added security that if you do run into difficulty you could then invest in a training review with Maurice, costing €40 to get you back on track.


We have 3 different packages on offer, Bronze, Silver & Gold. A training package gives you a goal to focus on for the month ahead. Training without a direction or a goal can lead to lack of motivation, injury or boredom. Our plans are specific to you & the level of fitness you are at. They provide you with a coach to oversee what you are doing without the expense of one to one personal training. You are held to account during your training review(s) with your coach. This makes you more likely to succeed.


For those of you who are extremely focused & who want to bring your training to an all new level we recommend the Gold Package as this gives you unlimited access to coaching advice & guidance. For those who are self motivated but lacking direction we recommend the Silver Package which has the added security of a revised training plan in the event of injury or illness.  And for those who are self motivated but would benefit from a basic plan & personal accountability we’d recommend the Bronze package. Prices range from €50 per month – €80 per month. These packages are ideal for those who would like to benefit from one to one attention but cannot afford the cost of personal training sessions.


Our 16 week Marathon training plan, costing €80, is for those who have previously followed free generic training plans & have the experience of a marathon or 2 behind them. The 16 week plan is specific to you. Time and attention goes into this plan taking into account your previous best times, your lifestyle, your ability, previous injury & all other factors relating to you running a marathon. There is no comparison between a generic marathon training plan & a personalised one.

Please note; For my loyal, local customers who regularly attend my Westmeath Classes this plan is available at a discounted rate of €50 with unlimited training reviews at no extra charge.


Lastly our Fitness Test is a great way to find out exactly what your current level of fitness is no matter what stage you are at, starting out or advanced. It provides you with a reliable reference going forward on how you are improving. A great motivation to keep training with consistence & persistence even without a training plan. An individual test cost €100 however group rates apply.

If you have any questions or would like some advice, please contact us at or 087 230 8001



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I intended to start this DUBLIN CITY MARATHON 2017 Training Blog on Sunday but I was just too tired😴😴 After a Spring of ok results (not quite what I was aiming for but hey...) I decided to enter DCM. Target very simple - to break 2.40; that is; around 6.05 per mile. Simple to type not so simple to do. I've done it b4, but in Barcelona and Rotterdam. My fastest Dublin is 2.41. And they were 3, 4 and 7 years ago. I'll be 45 when DCM 2017 comes along so that's perhaps a factor for me to consider😨😤.

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