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Why pay for a marathon plan when I can download one for free?


For most people, making the commitment to run a marathon is the biggest and most important decision that they will make in their sporting life. When undertaking a marathon you make an investment in a good pair of runners (or two), sports massage perhaps, maybe physiotherapy, ice baths, nutritional/diet supplements and race entry fees. All of these small investments increase your chances of success, and of having a positive, rewarding experience to savour for the rest of your life. Having a plan is THE most important piece of this jigsaw. Fail to plan – plan to fail! Unlike the generic plans that are widely available, our plans are tailored strictly to YOU and YOUR goals. We take into account many factors that generic plans cannot. When designing your plan we build up a profile of you, using as much relevant information as possible. We will note your pbs over every distance from 5k to ultra marathon and when they were achieved, take into account your injury and illness history, your age, gender, and your training history.


The benefits of continuous monitoring are numerous. As we train, we get fitter. Our marathon plans are usually of 16 weeks duration. A lot can and does happen in those 16 weeks. Reassessment of our goals and training plan adjustments are often necessary for a variety of reasons. We will be there to offer you support and advice during these times.


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