TUESDAY INTERMEDIATE Mullingar Running Group, 8 week block,6.20pm


Our popular 8 week running block for INTERMEDIATES starts up again on Tuesday the 28th February 2023 @ 6.20pm in Mullingar.

This is an 8 Week Intermediate Block.

Numerous studies have shown that those who train in a group environment are considerably more likely to continue training than those who train alone. Not only is there the relaxed atmosphere of social banter, but also a bit of friendly competition (if you want it) and similar like minded people to swap and share training ideas and experiences with. Many long term friendships have evolved from these groups.

This group will suit anyone who runs a little themselves, but feel they are making no progress or are stuck in a rut.

This group will also suit those who are making a ‘return to running’, helping you get back into your stride in a structured way, overseen by a professional coach.

Maurice is always willing to help answer any questions or queries you have in relation to your training during these sessions.

An upfront advance payment of €50 is required for this block to secure your spot.

Location; Meeting at a NEW LOCATION, Patrick Street (R390) by the canal opposite Lidl. Coming from Lidl, just before the roundabout there is a little carpark, we meet there.
PS; this group is NOT suitable for absolute beginners but if you can run a 5k without stopping then you’ll be fine. The pace of the group is mixed but the sessions are geared towards intermediates


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