Lucy Looby Nutrition Clinic 1st Initial Consultation


Nutrition Clinic for a healthy weight. One to one weight management clinic. Healthy Eating and Lifestyle.

  • Full consultation with Nutrition Coach costing €75, approx 60 – 90 minutes
  • Full Body analysis completed including weight, body fat, visceral fat, metabolic age & muscle mass, for face to face consultations.
  • For phone consultations, weight, measurements & BMI are monitored with a body fat reading as you progress.
  • Analysis of existing diet
  • Problem areas identified
  • Food plan put in place taking into account your likes & dislikes, we build on this each week with the aim of making your meals enjoyable but nutritious
  • Food education
  • Meal planning
  • Clear achievable goals set from week to week  & reviewed on each follow up appointment
  • Track your food, learn new ways to eat yourself to a healthy weight without feeling hungry
  • Assistance, emotional support & motivation throughout your journey without judgement.
  • Follow up weekly appointments costing €25 to keep you on track towards your goals
  • By Appointment


  1. Maurice

    I have been meaning to post this review for a while but what better time than during lockdown.
    I began my journey with Lucy in August last year and have transformed my body, lifestyle, diet and exercise regime since then. I had a starting weight of over 11st 11lbs with high cholesterol and as I am just 5ft 2in I felt I had to do something particularly with my 40s just around the corner.
    I have tried many weight loss plans and programs but never had the results or feel good factor I have gotten and continue to get through Lucy’s program.
    Through the program the pounds and half pounds dropped off and I kept a close check on my metabolic age, visceral fat, BMI, Physique rating with Lucy’s help too.
    The one to one consultations have continued since lockdown and the phone consultations are proving just as worthwhile as my motivation and success has continued
    She has given me so much support, advice and tips in the last number of months keeping me on track every step of the way on my mission to hit 9st. I’m just 5lbs off my target and determined to end this lockdown having reached my target.
    I’m not just looking at reaching my target and letting things slip as my lifestyle has completely turned on its head and I wouldn’t change any of it.
    The program is about way more than weight loss it’s about changing all aspects of my lifestyle, I’ve never enjoyed cooking as much nor had as much variety in my diet. Lucy has supplied me with countless tasty recipes which I use on a weekly basis and my whole family are loving them too.
    So if you are on the fence I can’t recommend Lucy’s program enough

  2. Maurice

    Back at the end of August this year, I booked my first consultation with Lucy. I haven’t looked back. I wasnt 100% happy with my weight, wanted to shed 1 and half stone, as my jeans were getting a little too snug and I knew I was slipping into bad habits , over snacking in the evening, no exercise, being a bit lazy about what I was cooking and how I was eating. I was about to 40 so decided to book a consultation. My metabolic age was 51, it is now 29. My weight was 10st 11lb, it is now 9st 6lb a total loss of 19.2lbs in weight over 12 week period. I am buzzing with the results over the last couple of months. I cannot recommend Lucy highly enough, if you just need that kick start into a healthier you, this is the lady to see she is like a one stop shop for health and wellbeing. I loved the one to one consultation for each weigh in and visit, her follow up is excellent, Lucy will guide you through, meal planning, snacking, tracking your food and you will get the results you want. Invest in yourself, like I did if you want to loose some excess pounds or just educate yourself about the food you are already eating, and feel better, sleep better etc. Our nutrition is so important. Thank you Lucy for getting me back on track, in more ways than one. ☺️☺️

  3. Maurice

    In 2017 I was running 6 out of 7 days and strength training 2 hours per week and all tho there was huge improvements in my running and fitness I felt like I still had more body fat than I should of so I spoke with my coach Maurice and got on the help programme. I met with Lucy the nutritionist once a week and that’s when everything fell into place for Lucy would look at my weekly diet (I mean in depth ) There was no fooling her and she gave me lots of advice and helped me choose better foods that were just as tasty but with more nutritional value so I had to ditch the cream crackers (much to my disgust ) and replace with likes of carrot battons and everything when u stick to it the results showed there were times I fell off the wagon and times Lucy was the last person I wanted to see but once I kept in check with her I got to where I wanted to be and had more energy to get pbs at running that final push at the end where I could give it came down to what fuel my body had.i can’t recommend the help programme enough or even if your not on the programme but seeking healthy eating plan Lucy is excellent she is a working mum like most of us and is realistic about setting your goals and working parents I think we all can run with easy options off letting our children have too much screen time I’m really cautious of this lately and plan to get my kids on board with Lucy soon for a plan also.i personally think this is the way to go if you want to change your lifestyle trust me I did the other ww and sw classes for years and just wasted time and money

  4. Maurice

    Very knowledgeable in this area lot of encouragement and very good “healthy eating “ advice highly recommend Lucy Looby nutrition

  5. Maurice

    Theresa O’Connell to Lucy Looby Nutrition
    17 September at 21:19 ·
    I started my nutrition journey with Lucy Looby Nutrition in August. It was primarily to help me change my poor eating habits and to learn about the right and wrong things to eat (& get rid of those sugar cravings in the evenings!). Eating well might sound like common sense for most but I found Lucys programne totally educating, and it not only helped me switch to eating a well balanced diet, it thought me how to sustain it. Ive never eaten as much (definitely not a starvation diet ) had as much energy, Im sleeping better and have lost weight! If you’re feeling sluggish and low, and/or need to lose weight this is the programme for you. I would highly recomend Lucy

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